Saturday, March 3, 2007

The power of good

Posted by: Margaret Lincoln // Category: Faith in humanity,Resistance // 9:47 am
  1. Can events like the Holocaust bring out extraordinary and unexpected qualities of individuals?  Please explain.
  2. Have there been other tragic events during your lifetime which allowed individuals to show their extraordinarily kind and generous sides?
  3. What is Gerda’s first impression of Lt. Kurt Klein?  What does he represent to her?  Why does she feel compelled to tell him they are Jews?  What is his response?
  4. How does Lt. Klein make you proud he is an American?
  5. List as many small deeds that were done for Gerda during WWII which took little effort yet had a significant positive impact on her.  Has anyone done such small deeds for you that had a significant positive impact on you? Have you done such deeds for others?