Tuesday, October 31, 2006

World at War class discussion

Posted by: Margaret Lincoln // Category: Understanding by design // 2:43 pm

As part of a World War II/Holocaust unit involving the reading of All But My Life, Lakeview HS students in the World at War class will post to this Weblog. The Big Ideas and Essential Questions addressed by the unit are listed below: 

Big Ideas – A big idea is a “conceptual anchor or key organizing principle” (a main underlying idea or an idea that serves as a central focus). Big ideas are meant to initiate inquiry, dialogue, and debate and are difficult to define. 

  • Governments can do great harm and great good. 
  • Individuals can do great harm and great good. 

Essential Questions – An Essential question is a question that engages and potentially motivates students. 

  • How did governments act to protect and/or violate basic human rights during the WWII era? 
  • What were the ramifications of prejudice, racism, and indifference as well as courage, valor, and faith within the context of the Holocaust?