Saturday, February 24, 2007


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Welcome to this online discussion of All But My Life by Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein.

  1. Please introduce yourself. Tell us about any previous class in which you have studied the Holocaust or comment briefly on a Holocaust-related book that you have read. 
  2. Are there school-related or community service projects in which you would like to be involved? Please share this information.

A sincere thank you to all blog participants for introducing yourselves and for joining in this project with enthusiasm and interest! Pease see comment # 48 from Darryle Clott and comment # 57 from Bill Younglove in response to your questions about suggestions for other Holocaust books to read. Recommended fiction, biographical, and historical titles (with reviews) can also be found on the Museum Fellowship Teaching Resources Website.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Unanswered Questions

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USHMM 14th StreetHas our reading of All But My Life raised additional questions about the Holocaust? Are you interested in learning more about the life and work of Gerda Weissmann Klein? United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Teacher Fellows Darryle Clott and Bill Younglove look forward to joining the discussion and responding to questions.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Michigan schools join blog

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USHMM profile of Holocaust education in MichiganMichigan students discuss All But My Life and look forward to Gerda Klein’s visit to Battle Creek in April. The schedule below previews discussion topics and activities taking place in the community.

  • February 1: Begin reading All But My Life.
  • February 28: Complete introduction section on blog.
  • March 7: After-school showing of One Survivor Remembers at Lakeview High School.
  • March 8: Post to blog sections on Historical Relevance, Life and Religion, the Power of Good, the Power of Evil.
  • March 13: Complete blog postings on Family and Friendship, Individual Characters PLUS respond to at least five other previous comments by other bloggers.
  • March 20: Read and respond to previous postings.
  • March 23: Begin brainstorming ideas for service project.
  • March 27: Complete service project planning.

In addition to participants from Lakeview HS and members of the Lifelong Learning program from Battle Creek’s Kellogg Community College, we welcome the following schools and individuals to the All But My Life blog:

Harper Creek HS
Legg MS
Pennfield HS
Starr Commonwealth
US Holocaust Museum Teacher Fellows Darryle Clott and Bill Younglove

The Blog User Guide provides basic instruction on how to login and navigate the site.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Gerda Klein’s letter to students

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Following the recent Stand Up! Speak Out! Lend A Hand! videoconference, Gerda Weissmann Klein wrote a most moving and eloquent letter to student participants. We are grateful to the Klein Foundation for permission to share this message with school groups who will have the privilige of hearing Mrs. Klein speak in Battle Creek, Michigan on April 16, 2007.

January 17, 2007  (Evening) 

Dear Young Friends,

I am very tired but sleep does not come. I close my eyes and the images of today come vividly alive. You, how many are there of you?? Are you hundreds, thousands—- so young, so beautiful, so vital? Where are you? Are you asleep in your beds with the strong sleep of the young? How can you possibly know what you have done for me today? What you have given me…a gift of undreamed proportions— not only reaching out to others but its keen understanding that made you do it.

To the child who never rode a tricycle before, the cookies you baked for an old man perhaps without teeth to taste the sweetness of sugar and the sweetness of your caring. The website you built to let it be known that you are ready to listen to those who need help, who cry out in despair that you have listening ears and keen understanding of what their problems might be. The old lame deaf veterans you have visited who once were as young and nimble as you climbing the cliffs of Normandy to free Europe from the scorch of hatred. How much pride they must have taken in your visit of caring.

I heard the noise of your hammers with which you built homes for the homeless. Of the 440 in one school who brought mountains of canned goods who are hungry. You were wise to choose January and February to bestow your cares on the needy and hungry knowing that the holidays would be over and often the bounty of giving forgotten. You the angels in the attic creating SAFE HAVEN to fulfill the needs, the often unspoken needs of those you have found in need of caring. You, the high school students who went to grade schools to open their eyes and hearts of your small sisters and brothers to other cultures and joys of understanding. You who are planning a rally in support of celebrating diversity in your community.

You all standing up, speaking out, making a difference. Leaving your handprints not only on the wall you have created but on humanity’s needs and fulfilling my dream lifting community service to the noblest deed one can perform.

The breathtaking dance of the women imprisoned in burkas, gave eloquence in their silence and lifting their veils as if a promise of a new spring. But the greatest and most cherished gift you gave me is the understanding of your own lives gifts and the appreciation of the life you are privileged to live.

I embrace you and your teachers with gratitude and love,

Gerda Weissmann Klein

Thank you and my eternal gratitude for the gift of the exquisite book which you gave me. It will find a treasured place in my home and always in my heart.