Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gerda Klein speaks to students

Posted by: Margaret Lincoln // Category: Michigan,Video conference // 3:02 pm

Photo courtesy of Battle Creek Enquirer (John Grap)

Gerda Klein’s morning presentation to over 1900 Michigan students was also streamed live and archived on the Internet by Merit Network in Ann Arbor. During a follow-up luncheon, students shared with Mrs. Klein their plans for service projects that will be undertaken as a result of having read All But My Life. 


  1. PennfieldHS

    Rachel Burton, German II

    This presentation was very moving and inspirational. Mrs. Klein was a wonderful lady who I admire her and will never forget her.

  2. PennfieldHS

    Kiley, German II

    The presentation was wonderful. I won’t forget it soon, and I’m glad I went. Thank you Mrs. Klein!

  3. PennfieldHS

    We were also so moved to share lunch with Mrs. Klein and to learn about the community service projects other schools were undertaking in our community in her honor. Her impact on BC will be remembered! Mrs. H.

  4. HarperCreekHS

    HarperCreek, Ashlyn
    Mrs.Kleins words where very inspirational and i feel that she has played a huge role in making our community a better place. I feel very privelaged to be able to be one of the few people who got to eat lunch with such a remarkable person!!